Advocating for Nerves without Sounding Like an Elixir Fanboy

Watch this video to hear Eric Rauer, a web architect at Blue Clover Devices, talk about how to advocate for Nerves within your organization.

This talk originally aired on October 1, 2020.


In this Nerves in Action talk, Web Architect at Blue Clover Devices Eric Rauer talks about the advantages, tools, and ecosystem built into Nerves so that you can anyone can convince a skeptic. The main focus is on the winning arguments that started his company's Nerves journey, and he covers some of what they learned along the way.

An opportunity to use Nerves presented itself to Eric two years ago but the first step was convincing his boss. Knowing that he would be skeptical, Eric's focus was on breaking Nerves down to core components demonstrating the advantages without a big emphasis on Elixir itself.

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