No Turning BAC: How IoT is Revolutionizing the Journey to Sobriety

Ryan Prosser, CEO of Very and Keith Nothacker, CEO of BACtrack, sat down at IoT World 2019 to talk about BACtrack’s suite of Internet-enabled breathalyzers and demonstrate an upcoming product that can measure blood alcohol levels from the skin.


About the Speakers

Keith Nothacker is the Founder and CEO of BACtrack, the leading manufacturer of breath alcohol testers used for personal and professional use. BACtrack pioneered the consumer market for breathalyzers by positioning the product as an affordable, consumer-friendly safety device.

As CEO of Very, Ryan Prosser works with the leaders of our product, sales, and marketing teams to drive holistic company growth. Ryan believes in the mantra that “slow is steady, and steady is fast,” and he uses that approach to drive Very to become the best full-service IoT product development firm. 

We thing about IoT, a lot

We think about IoT, a lot

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