Point/Counter-Point: 5G vs Edge: Which Will Disrupt IoT More?

Watch this video to hear Forrester analyst Frank Gillett and PTC CTO Joe Biron speak on the promises and pitfalls of 5G and edge technologies for IoT.

This talk originally aired on May 7, 2020.



Next-generation 5G mobile network tech promises faster response, shorter download times, support for more devices, and lower battery requirements for IoT devices. Meanwhile, edge technologies promise to improve IoT device capabilities without using the network! And to make IoT better even if you have a network, by enabling quicker local response, independence from the network, and local computing. But edge will probably need more electricity than simple IoT devices that depend on cloud services.

Do we need both? Which one should companies focus on first? Do they conflict or complement? Are they on similar or different time frames?

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