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More talks from Connected Things: WFH Edition



Living on the Edge in the New Virtual World
Featuring David Friend



Securing Venues Using IoT and Advanced AI Plus COVID-19 Use Cases
Featuring Mike Ellenbogen


Point/Counter Point: 5G vs Edge: Which Will Disrupt IoT More?
Featuring Frank Gillett and Joe Biron


Top Benefits of Agile Development for IoT
Featuring Ben Wald


  The Anatomy of a Digital Twin
Featuring Rob Tiffany



Smart City Solutions in a Riskier World, Post COVID-19 Crisis
Featuring Mayor Gary McCarthy, Curt Savoie, Franck Carassus, Michael Mazur, and Chris Davis


Buzzword Bingo: How AI, ML, IoT, Data Science, and Agile Play Out in the Real World
Featuring Dr. Jenn Gamble


  IoT, Big Data, AI and … What?… the Feds? 
Featuring David Powsner, Baz Khuti, and John Carrier


  Going Remote: How to Develop IoT Products with a Distributed Team
Featuring Bill Baxter, Bill Brock, and Jeff McGehee

  Opportunities and Challenges at the Intersection
Featuring Stephen Mellor