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Michael Ellenbogen

Co-Founder & Head of Advanced Technology, Evolv

Mike has spent more than 25 years helping to shape the physical security and detection industry. As President and CEO, Mike successfully led Reveal Imaging Technologies, a leader in X-ray imaging and automated detection technologies to double digit annual growth in both revenue and profitability over 7 years.

About Evolv

Evolv Technology started as a small team with a clear mission: return confidence and peace of mind to people visiting public spaces by changing the paradigm of how security professionals can assure venues are safe from the most serious threats without compromising visitor experience.

Evolv is now the leader in human security. The company is dedicated to making the world a safer place by helping to protect innocent people from mass shootings, terrorist attacks and similar violent acts. Evolv’s AI-based, free-flow weapons-screening and threat detection systems work at the pace of life to accommodate thousands of individuals and groups per hour – screening 50 million people to date in a rapid, undisruptive manner while preventing more than 5,000 weapons from entering a range of public and private facilities. Evolv’s customers include hundreds of top entertainment venues, schools, international airports, stadiums, corporations, hospitals, large-scale events and national landmarks around the globe. Led by a team of security industry thought leaders with a track record for delivering first-to-market products, the company holds more than 100 patents.