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Connected Things: WFH Edition

This virtual event brought together internationally recognized industry leaders to share their insights on topics ranging from 5G and digital infrastructure to Industrial IoT and the competitive advantages and dangers of IoT, big data, and AI.

Thanks for registering for MITEF's Connected Things 2020: WFH Edition! If you missed any of the sessions, don't worry, we've made the recordings available on this page for you to view at your convenience. Enjoy!

We hope to see you in person at MITEF's Connected Things 2020 on September 14. Learn more.


Living on the Edge in the New Virtual World
Featuring David Friend



Securing Venues Using IoT and Advanced AI Plus COVID-19 Use Cases
Featuring Mike Ellenbogen


Point/Counter Point: 5G vs Edge: Which Will Disrupt IoT More?
Featuring Frank Gillett and Joe Biron


Top Benefits of Agile Development for IoT
Featuring Ben Wald


  The Anatomy of a Digital Twin
Featuring Rob Tiffany



Smart City Solutions in a Riskier World, Post COVID-19 Crisis
Featuring Mayor Gary McCarthy, Curt Savoie, Franck Carassus, Michael Mazur, and Chris Davis


Buzzword Bingo: How AI, ML, IoT, Data Science, and Agile Play Out in the Real World
Featuring Dr. Jenn Gamble


  IoT, Big Data, AI and … What?… the Feds? 
Featuring David Powsner, Baz Khuti, and John Carrier


  Adding Emotion and Ethics to AI-Enabled IoT Devices and Vehicles
Featuring Gabi Zijderveld


  Going Remote: How to Develop IoT Products with a Distributed Team
Featuring Bill Baxter, Bill Brock, and Jeff McGehee


  Opportunities and Challenges at the Intersection
Featuring Stephen Mellor


We think about IoT, a lot

We think about IoT, a lot

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