Blockchain Development Services

Take your blockchain project from proof of concept to launch.

blockchain development services

Proven Track Record

With more than 250 product launches, we know how to build high availability consumer-facing products.

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Experienced Team

Our senior engineers, data scientists, and product managers understand the complexities of decentralized apps.

blockchain development services

Agile Processes

We approach blockchain projects with lean and agile philosophies so we can deliver increasing value over time.

Full-Service Blockchain Development Agency

Our in-house team is equipped to handle every aspect of your blockchain development project, from writing smart contracts to front-end development to user experience optimization. A senior product manager will drive your project forward, ensuring that best practices are followed — and that your expectations are exceeded.

As a full-service blockchain development firm, we have experience building on multiple frameworks and platforms. We listen to your goals and partner with you to bring your custom application to completion.

Launching Products for the Last 7 Years

As a blockchain development agency, we’re experienced in building blockchain applications for businesses in highly regulated industries like finance and healthcare. Every product is built with privacy, security, and scalability in mind. Our application development process is focused on being an extension of your team. So you can rest easy knowing that we’ll take your blockchain project from proof of concept to launch.

Blockchain Consulting

There's a lot of hype around blockchain technology. But blockchain is just another tool for solving problems. We work with our clients to dive deep into the problem they're trying to solve.

Then we help them evaluate whether blockchain is the right fit. If it is, our engineering team’s experience in blockchain development can help you leverage the benefits of blockchain, whether you're building a proof of concept or a production-ready platform. 

Hands-On Blockchain Experience

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We worked with Blockmason to build a mobile blockchain application for peer-to-peer cryptocurrency lending.


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The Gamma desktop application utilizes idle GPU processing power to supplement distributed network needs. You earn Gamma Points for the amount of time you let GammaNow work and how strong your hardware is.

Named a Top-10 Blockchain Solution Provider

We’re proud to announce that Very has been named one of the nation’s top-10 blockchain solution providers by Enterprise Security Magazine. 


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Very's Blockchain Development Services Include:

Decentralized App Development

Decentralized applications (or Dapps) combine smart contracts with business logic and a front-end application. Our in-house team blockchain development experts take care of the entire development lifecycle, from deploying nodes and writing smart contracts to developing consumer-facing applications.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts help automate manual processes and eliminate the need for intermediaries. But a smart contract is only as good as its code, and once it’s live, changing it becomes complicated if not impossible. That’s why we take a meticulous, test-driven approach to developing resilient smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Tech Stack Recommendations

As your blockchain development firm, we'll offer guidance like: 

  • Which type of blockchain is right for your project: public, private or permissioned
  • Evaluating potential blockchain platforms for your project, including Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and IOTA
  • How to design and architect peer-to-peer systems and applications
  • Key security and privacy considerations to keep in mind

Blockchain Engineering Expertise

  • Blockchain deployment and development with web3, solidity, cakeshop and truffle
  • Smart contracts and custom dapp frameworks like OpenZeppelin
  • Application and data science engineering using Python
  • Enterprise native mobile apps with Swift and Objective-C
  • Web platforms using Phoneix / Elixir and serverless architecture
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Our Customers have rated Very 5/5 based on 12 customer reviews

What Our Customers Say


With development led by Very, this launch was among the top 10% of platform launches I have ever been a part of.

Blockchain Development Services

With 60-70% of the cost being to maintain the code after development, Very has always been great working within our existing infrastructure and tooling, which makes for an easy handoff.

Blockchain Development Services

Throughout the process, Very was flexible and quickly changed directions when we needed to. They worked closely with us on a daily basis and delivered in a highly compressed timeframe.

Blockchain Development Services

Very knew how to use their agility to our advantage. The process was never the focus, so it never got in the way. Instead, it allowed the project to move forward quickly,while helping us keep an eye on the big picture.


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