Spending time crafting your product's user experience isn't just a "nice to have" anymore. It's an essential piece of product development. That's why our product designers work with you to create human-centric and visually engaging designs to fit your needs.

Each of our designers is also a front-end engineer, which means the same person who designs your experience will write the code, ensuring that nothing gets lost in translation. By doing this, we can bring your concept to life quickly and efficiently. 


Our design capabilities include:

Research and Discovery

Before any designs are created, it is important to understand key motives and actions your users will take. 

  • Empathy mapping
  • Story mapping
  • Information architecture
  • Competitive analysis 

UI/UX Design

Using the atomic design methodology, we create reusable interfaces that apply to any type of product.

  • Responsive web design
  • Mobile app design
  • Tablet app design
  • Design systems

Interaction Design

A key driver to make your product feel complete is the way the user interacts with it through subtle interactions.

  • Motion prototyping
  • Micro-interactions
  • User testing and validation
  • Connected device design
  • journey-left-image-sm journey-right-image-sm
  • rescue-left-image-sm rescue-right-image-sm
  • tree-left-image-sm tree-right-image-sm

Design driven engagements 

Design can provide immediate value to your product, no matter what stage you may be in. We offer a few design only engagements to bring a concept life, or existing product a much needed refresh. 

Design Sprint

The prototype design engagement exists to rapidly bring your idea from thought to screen. This allows us to test, validate, and quickly iterate on that idea without the need for a larger development team.

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UX Audit

UX audits exist to uncover opportunity for change within an existing product — the way that we do this is through a discovery process of finding existing problems, issues and inconsistencies within the product.

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"My favorite part about working with Very was the people. They took our project seriously and treated it like it was their own, and that ultimately made it successful."

- Brent Gaisford, COO of Treehouse Co-Living

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