Internet of Things Development Services

Developing connected products to help you better win, serve, and retain customers.

iot app development services


Build applications that harness the power of connected devices.

iot app development services


Track the status of your sensors, devices, and applications in one place.

iot app development services


Interpret your data and use it to predict trends and build better products.

Full-Service IoT Development Agency

Our in-house team is equipped to handle every aspect of your IoT app development project, including back-end engineering, hardware prototyping, and front-end design. A senior product manager will drive your project forward, ensuring that best practices are followed — and that we exceed your expectations.

Some of Our IoT Clients

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Founded by coffee enthusiasts, RoastLog gives specialty roasters the technology they need to operate their businesses. RoastLog's web-based application provides roasters with real-time feedback on their roasting process, which results is more consistent and better coffee. RoastLog also offers tools to manage operations, including inventory tracking, reporting, and quality control.


We’re working with KollerCraft, one of the top aquarium manufacturers in the US, to create a hardware-powered app for fish owners. With the app, users can control their tank’s LED lights, get instant alerts if their water temperature gets too high or low, and see reminders to check the PH levels or change the tank’s water.



Shade developed the first laboratory-grade wearable device that measures ultraviolet radiation. We created a powerful UX for Shade’s mobile app, making critical data accessible for the people who need it most.

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Business Intelligence

With any IoT application comes an explosion of data about sensors, devices, and user behavior. Let our data science team help you turn that data into insights that solve real-world problems. Our machine learning and statistics practitioners are also seasoned software engineers, ensuring you get clean, tested, and maintainable code. We also create actionable insights through data visualizations, customized dashboards, and detailed reports.

Device Management

Once connected devices are in a production system, they often require ongoing enhancements to respond to market conditions and operational issues. A command center web view enables operations team members control over a production system, including report issues, permissions, new devices and users, bring the service up or down, toggle on/off specific features, and apply new product updates.

Security + Connectivity

Connected devices pose unique security concerns, and it’s essential to keep security in mind at every step of the development process. Security has been a part of our development process from day one. We are experts at secure communication and data storage, as well as authentication and authorization frameworks. We follow best practices for all web connected software, whether it runs on a server, in your browser, on your mobile phone, or on embedded IoT hardware.

A Platform To Grow

We use an array of off-the-shelf software products and components to build your platform and set it up for growth. We help you focus on your business’s value add and differentiation rather than building things that other companies have already solved.

What Our Clients Say


With development led by Very, this launch was among the top 10% of platform launches I have ever been a part of.

Rajiv Pant, CTO Thrive Global


With 60-70% of the cost being to maintain the code after development, Very has always been great working within our existing infrastructure and tooling, which makes for an easy handoff.  

Andrew Budd, VP of Engineering at Shopkeep


Throughout the process, Very was flexible and quickly changed directions when we needed to. They worked closely with us on a daily basis and delivered in a highly compressed timeframe.

Frank Velardo, Sr. Director, Dev Ops at Omax


Very knew how to use their agility to our advantage. The process was never the focus, so it never got in the way. Instead, it allowed the project to move forward quickly, while helping us keep an eye on the big picture.

Emma Griffin, Chief Product Officer at RelSci


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