React is our top choice for creating immersive user experiences on a single-page application. React's reusable components, consistent behavior, and rich interactions make complex interfaces easy.

Why React?

React's component-based architecture gives it a huge advantage when developing single page applications. Each component has its own logic, controls its own rendering, and can be reused, making your apps easier to develop and maintain. 

Using React, we launched Thrive Global's global media platform in 12 weeks. Read their story


Our Approach to React Development

By taking advantage of React's ability to rapidly deliver solutions, we can focus more time on your business goals. We use reusable components to reduce time and costs. We also adhere to:
  • Test-driven development to ensure quality code 
  • Automated testing for production-ready apps
  • Agile methodology for rapid iterations


How We Get it Done

Dedicated resources

We ask our clients to participate in a deeply collaborative process. You’ll be in constant communication with your team every step of the way.

Senior engineers

Work with the best engineers, designers, and data scientists from across the country. Our teams are made of senior-level talent only, and we never outsource.

Design included

Our designers are also front-end engineers, making the transition from design to development seamless. 

Increase velocity

We jump into new projects and ramp up quickly. Your priorities become our priorities. Your goals become our goals.

Flexible team size

Increase or decrease the number of team members working on your project based on your needs. It’s our job to stay nimble for you.

Agile best practices

Releases, iterations, and standups are core to our communication cadence. We adapt to shifting priorities and changes in the real world to deliver the most valuable software in the available time.

Let’s work together

We bring skill, speed, and precision to every project, so you can test harder, build faster, and go confidently into the market.

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"In a short time-frame, Very designed and problem-solved alongside our team seamlessly. They are flexible, creative, and focused on quality."

- Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global


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