Increased Capacity

Our dedicated team of developers will handle all of the maintenance so you can focus on innovation and new business applications.

Predictable Cost

For a fixed monthly fee, we'll ensure your application receives timely updates every month — fully tested, fully deployed.

"Very was truly our partner in launching Thrive Global's digital media presence. In a short time-frame, they designed and problem-solved alongside our team seamlessly. They are flexible, creative, and focused on quality."
- Arianna Huffington, founder & CEO of Thrive Global

Initial Setup


During our Initial Setup, we'll work to deeply understand your existing software. These one-time tasks include: 

  • Slack Setup: Setup of a dedicated Slack channel for all communications, including integrations with third-party tools like Pivotal Tracker and Google Drive.
  • Vulnerability Notification Setup: Configuration of automatic notifications of public vulnerabilities in Gems, plugins, modules and other third-party dependencies, including paths towards installing patches and resolutions.
  • Codebase Audit: An audit of your application’s codebase and configuration to search for major issues and security vulnerabilities.

Monitoring & Reporting


API Monitoring

Monitoring of third-party APIs and performing updates to remain compatible. 

Uptime Monitoring

Automated website uptime & performance monitoring to make sure things keep running.


Monthly reporting on an overview of your app’s key metrics.

Data Backup

Configuration and monitoring backups of your app’s data.


Maintenance & Support

As Needed

Each month we'll work with you to prioritize the tasks and organize a plan to make create the most impact for the hours allocated. Team members assigned will record their time spent on support issues, spending up to 55 hours working against your desired combination of tasks. You'll receive a report at the end of each month that details what team members spent their time on. These tasks can include:

Updates and Security Patches

Proactive updates and security patches as new versions of Rails, Ruby and RubyGems are released.

Fixing Web Server Errors

Deciphering seemingly incomprehensible error messages from your web server.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes and minor updates.

DNS Hosting

Manage DNS hosting to ensure web domains never expire.

Managed Cloud Maintenance

Updating SSL certificates and other chores that your managed cloud provider will not typically take care.  

Improving Codebase Health

Ensuring maintainability into the future and improve the health of the existing codebase by enforcing consistent syntax standards using a static code analyzer and code formatter using community accepted best practices.

Responsive Design Updates

Ensuring responsive-design is kept up-to-date across the latest mobile devices through front-end development.

Additional Feature Development

Scheduled additional iterative development on a roadmap.

Launching a Global Media Platform

Thrive Global chose Very to design and develop their robust digital platform in just 12 weeks.

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Our Capabilities

Web Applications

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Elixir / Phoenix
  • React 
  • Python / Django


Mobile Applications

  • iOS
  • Android
  • React Native

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