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Need to send trillions of messages between billions of devices?
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Get More from Your AWS IoT Investment

Because our software engineers are experts in AWS IoT Core, Amazon’s solution for connecting IoT devices to AWS Cloud, we can get your devices communicating quickly, securely, and reliably no matter their number. Our deep device management experience and message brokering expertise will get your products in-market and generating revenue as quickly as possible.

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Faster Development Powered By Vast Experience

From prototype to production, our engineers have worked with AWS IoT Core across multiple contexts. So, we can see and solve issues before other engineering teams.


Wide-ranging Experience

At Very, we work on a much wider variety of projects than many firms: greenfield, staff augmentation, prototypes, rescues, and helping teams handle growing on a massive scale. These projects span industries from healthcare, industrial, and commercial to construction, energy, automotive, and more.


Not Just Engineers

For each project, we pull together a multidisciplinary team that also includes data scientists and designers who specialize in agile product development. This range of experience allows us to dive deep into modeling data, optimizing how it is passed to the cloud, and unlocking valuable insights hidden in the analytics.

For example, we can design predictive maintenance models that detect abnormal patterns in the data and alert operators well ahead of costly and disruptive issues.


Always Forward Thinking

We have the wisdom to understand how systems tend to grow and where the pain points are. We can efficiently develop the minimum-work-solutions to achieve exactly what’s needed to be successful today, and years from now. It also helps us navigate planning, prioritization, and implementation so we continuously deliver value from early days to the final product.

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