Flexible and Fast Firmware Engineering

Our quick-start model leads to a faster delivery — and more rapid revenue opportunities for you.

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We Don’t Wait & Neither Do You

At Very, speed is our differentiator. Our agile firmware practice allows our engineers to take a hardware agnostic approach. So, even in a global semiconductor shortage, we’re able to make progress from Day 1 and quickly pivot as hardware becomes available.

Tell Us About Your Project

Talk Directly with Your Engineers Whenever You Like

Every project has friction, that’s why we embrace radical transparency.


Client-facing Engineers

Unlike other engineering firms, you’ll get to know our engineers personally. All of our engineers are client facing, so you can talk directly to a dedicated team you trust because you know them well.


Fewer Roadblocks

We’re here for the hard conversations and encourage tight feedback loops. By identifying issues early and often, we keep stumbles from becoming roadblocks. This allows our engineers to iterate quickly, but it also keeps you and your team informed and aware.


Earlier Demos

When we design and implement firmware, we work hard to get to demo functionality as quickly as possible. Then we use learnings from the demo as a prompt to discuss how to adjust our strategy. So, if we see that firmware needs more work than anticipated due to hardware quirks or UI concerns, we can invest time and effort early to prevent costly delays to delivery.

Senior Engineers Mean Serious Speed

Our multidisciplinary teams combine engineering, design, and data science perspectives to create better firmware faster. We approach projects from all sides, integrating input from all of our practices. By focusing this “team of minds” on work across traditional interface boundaries, we can see issues before they occur. This approach helps us reduce costs by preventing surprises at integration points and subsequent rework.

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