Strategic & Impactful Machine-to-Machine Services

We create communication ecosystems that improve efficiency — and your bottom line.

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Engineers with Deep, Real World
Machine-to-Machine Services Experience

Our multidisciplinary team of engineers brings deep, real world experience to every project we take on. We’re sure you’ve heard this from other engineering firms before. The difference? We mean it. We’re committed to delivering better products faster, so your ideas can delight your customers — and your bottom line — without delay.

Tell Us About Your Project

“What Very brings to the table are those soft skills and the ability to help you through the strategic pieces of your project. That’s something I’ve never found with any firm that I’ve dealt with before, and I’ve definitely dealt with a lot of firms.”

Matthew Miller


Tangible Results Every Step of The Way

Your company’s time is valuable, and that’s why we focus on getting products into your hands as quickly as we can.

Build, Break, Repeat

Our engineers work closely with your team to gather feedback, quickly course correct, and then sprint toward the finish line.

Open Lines of Communication

Rapid, frequent communication on both sides helps us identify, anticipate, and correct issues whether you’re leveraging an out-of-the-box solution or a fully custom engagement.

The Result?

Tangible results in weeks, not months like other firms.

No Silos On Our Side, Fewer Delays For You

At Very, our partner disciplines of software, hardware, data science, and design work side-by-side every step of the way.


Better Insights

Our collaborative approach leads to unexpected insights and approaches that save time and result in better projects.


More Flexibility

We design our systems so software is abstracted as much as possible from hardware. So, if hardware needs to pivot, for example because of a global semiconductor shortage, software is minimally impacted.

Our Culture Delivers for You & Your Customers

We recruit engineers who want to solve your hardest problems. And, we’ve built in multiple redundancies across teams, broadening our range of experience and accelerating our ability to deliver.


We’ve developed machine-to-machine services for companies that overcome the expected and unexpected. Sometimes this means addressing hardware compatibility issues and, occasionally, disruptions caused by sandstorms and migrating lions. We understand that the real world can be messy sometimes, so all of our M2M communication strategies are designed with the flexibility to meet your shifting needs, and your customers’.

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