Andrew Frank

UX & Product Designer
Chattanooga, TN
Andrew Frank

Standing at an amazing 5 feet 11 inches (6 feet on a good day), Andrew hails from Cleveland, Ohio. A student of design theory and philosophy, Andrew has racked up oodles of experience in his time since graduating from The Cleveland Institute of Art. He has worked with the tiniest brands as well as some of the largest as a UX Designer, Product Designer, Art Director and Front-End Engineer.

One time when Andrew was a young man, he attempted a back flip on the ground, something he'd never tried before. He amazed everyone by spraining not only his ankle, but his knee and calf as well. You can always look to Andrew to have something goofy to say as much as you can count on him to say something quite intelligent. Complacency is his biggest fear (aside from avalanches), and he plays pretty much all of the instruments. Over the past several years, Andrew has developed an affinity for the finer things in life like stinky cheeses, quality headphones and red flannel shirts. He's got moves like Spiderman and will tear you apart in a Lip Sync battle. Name the time and place to meet your fate.