Brian has always been passionate about hardware, specifically consumer products and building better mousetraps. He's interested in any tool, process, or program that can help make things more efficient, scalable, manufacturable, and robust. 

Before joining Very, Brian was the co-CEO and operations director at ChilLED Tech, a manufacturer of commercial LED grow lights. With his extensive hardware experience, he feels like he's been preparing his whole life for this position at Very.  A perfect weekend for Brian starts with a napkin drawing, a pile of steel, wood, aluminum, or plastic filament and ends with a purpose-built thing to make his life easier, better, or more efficient. 

Brian holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at Austin and also has experience and certifications in Autodesk Inventor CAD & other CAD to CAM software, Arduino integration, carbon fiber lamination, laser CNC engraving & cutting, CNC aluminum milling, 3D printing, and MIG & TIG welding.