Brian Zambrano

Fort Collins, CO
Brian Zambrano

Brian Zambrano is a full-stack software engineer and architect with a wide technical breadth and deep understanding of many systems. His background has led him to cloud-based SaaS application architecture, design, and scalability with an eye towards serverless and microservice architectures. While an engineer through and through, he also enjoys working on and solving real-world business problems with technology and working with software teams to deliver real value.

Brian earned graduated with a degree in Materials Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 1997 and later earned a degree in Computer Science from San Francisco State University in 2005. His work history includes the likes of NASA, eBay, IronPort, and Eventbrite. 


At Very, he has championed the use of serverless architectures for several different projects, ranging from Alexa skills all the way to data pipelines and ETL jobs. He’s also the AWS Practice Lead, helping our engineering team navigate through various AWS services and enabling the team to build innovative software on top of AWS.


Brian is known for his high-quality, user-friendly software. While he’s partial to Python, he’s capable of jumping into a lot of different languages and systems. After serverless architectures and design patterns, Brian's current focus has been smart contracts and blockchain development.