Daniel Searles

Seattle, WA
Daniel Searles

As a senior application engineer at Very, Daniel is responsible for architecting, planning, and creating applications. He uses a quite a few technologies to deliver value to Very's clients, including: Elixir, AWS, Docker, Elm, React, Ruby, Rails, and Python (to name a few).

Daniel has spent his entire professional career as a developer. For most of that time, he worked as a freelance developer, maintaining and enhancing custom web applications and websites for a wide range of clients. He has developed, tested and deployed code using PHP, Perl, MySQL, Javascript, CSS and XHTML. He also worked at MediaLab Inc. as a software developer and a tech support and QA lead. While at MediaLab, he leveraged his expertise to diagnose and resolve complex customer problems, and he successfully developed a website generator plugin for Photoshop. Later, Daniel became the Director of Platform Engineering for Treemo Labs, which had quite a few products — most notably FlowVella, a slideshow iPad app — before making his way to Very.