As an incredibly driven person, Daniel enjoys surrounding himself with the newest technology and brightest coworkers to inspire him to do bigger and better things. He enjoys working on problems until he has a deep understanding of them as a whole.

Daniel graduated with his Bachelor's in Computer Science from North Dakota State University in 2015. During his time in college, worked as a web developer at college radio station KNDS and secured an internship with Doosan, where he later became an application developer.

After gaining valuable experience at Doosan, Daniel moved on to work as a software engineer at Humach, where he architected and implemented a variety of scalable, soft real-time services in Elixir utilizing technologies including Phoenix Framework, WebSocket and AMQP APIs, and integrating with services like Amazon's Polly, Google's libphonenumber, as well as various client APIs. These efforts were critical in supporting heavy real-time telephony traffic in addition to more traditional configuration and analytical data. He also created a variety of internal tools with Elixir back-ends and React front-ends to support developer efforts as well as business needs ranging from billing to QA.

Daniel joined Very in 2017 and has used his proficiency in Elixir, Phoenix, JS, and React to play a valuable role on projects including Guardian Trust along with several IoT projects.