As a Front-End Engineer at Very, Esteban works with clients to create intuitive web interfaces. Esteban is motivated by solving problems that no one has tackled before, and he’s always working to learn new domain knowledge and improve his skills.

In 2013, Esteban started his career as an Android and Web Developer for The Hetah Foundation, where he developed two applications for the Android operating system. He was responsible for the revision, code refactoring, and debugging of the foundation's applications, and he implemented a Git version control system for the applications. 

Esteban held a variety of full-stack development roles at other companies, becoming fluent in JavaScript, CSS, WordPress, HubSpot, Shopify, Reactjs, and Vuejs. 

Esteban graduated from the Universidad de San Buenaventura with a Bachelors in Technology in 2014.