Gabe Weaver

VP of Product
Chattanooga, TN
Gabe Weaver

As VP of Product at Very, Gabe Weaver works with a cross-functional team to uncover customer needs and create remarkable solutions. Gabe leverages his deep experience, intense passion, and an ever-evolving toolbox of technical and management skills to deliver exceptional products.

Gabe enjoys solving real problems and fundamentally changing the world, one product at a time. He knows this is only possible when the right people bring their passion and unique skills to a collaborative environment that has a culture of growth and innovation.


Throughout his career, Gabe has been passionate about the benefits of lean and agile methodologies, and he regularly speaks at regional events on the topic of agile development best practices.


Before joining Very in 2014, Gabe served as VP of Product at software development company FullStack. At FullStack, Gabe created a world-class product development team by identifying process improvements, defining key performance indicators, dashboarding, and establishing operational best practices and standards.


Gabe holds a BS in Business Administration from Eastern University, where he graduated summa cum laude.