Jeff McGehee

Data Scientist
Chattanooga, TN
Jeff McGehee

Jeff loves adventures — the kinds that require a complete mental focus on plan and execution. He believes that a quality tradesman is the rarest type of person in America, and as a result, he’s a master DIY-er (from car maintenance to bicycle repairs to plumbing to woodworking).

His professional career has been focused on applying computation to engineering problems — the majority of which have involved simulation, calibration, system control, and optimization. The more he’s studied machine learning, the more he’s become motivated to understand how it can be applied effectively to complex problems in the real (engineering) world. At Very, he brings his applied mathematics and machine learning knowledge to a wide array of problems and projects involving images, natural language, social graphs, temporal data, and geospacial data. Before joining Very, Jeff was a research and design engineer at Variable, Inc., where he developed proprietary mathematical models for accurate color measurement; set up a scientific analysis python environment with custom modules for internal company use; and built and deployed internal tools that allow non-technical workers to apply machine learning models. (Among other things.)