Juan started his career as an intern at Siemens where he learned about strategic growth, technology/business alignment, and business development.

After his internship, Juan took on a role as a Project Lead at Golden State Foods. During his time there, he coordinated team activities and facilitated team interaction, designed an accurate leak-detection system for flexible packaging, and designed a statistical sampling plan that was used with the leak detection system.

Next, Juan spent two years at Accenture, starting as an Analyst and Lead Tester before being promoted to a Product Owner. In his Product Owner role, Juan led a team of six software engineers to develop a web application for the creation and management of marketing programs. In the process, the team became a high-performing team, surpassing their sprint commitment 75% of the time.

After his time at Accenture, Juan took on the role of Senior Product Manager at Curb. As a Product Manager of the passenger monitors product line, Juan worked with a team of engineers to bring entertainment and accessibility to the back seat monitors found in taxicabs. The team's monitors were one of the first in the nation to be 508 compliant and the first ones to show CBS programming. 

When Curb was acquired by Verifone in 2015, Juan was promoted to Senior Product Manager of the company’s flagship product, the Curb app. His focus was on taking the mobile app to the next level by designing and implementing the APIs needed to support next-generation features. 

Juan held product management roles at two more companies before joining Very as a Product Manager in 2019. Since joining the team, Juan has grown our Support business, leading hiring and managing multiple support projects across clients. 

Juan graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering in 2010.