Luke is most at home when building a distributed application. He has experience writing software for video games, ad-tech, network security, and finance. He is currently in a love affair with Clojure.

After graduating with a Bachelor's in Computer Science from St. Lawrence University in 2013, Luke started his career as a UI Engineer at Millenial Media, where he designed and implemented an internal-facing data visualization dashboard and created a notification system to alert sales and operations of campaign delivery performance issues. Then he served as a front-end developer at Endgame, where he untangled two early prototypes into maintainable, tested and performance-optimized production applications.

Luke's experience also includes a front-end engineering role at RedJack, where he developed a network monitoring application utilizing CQRS/Event Sourcing for durability and audibility, focused heavily on scalability/maintainability with techniques including HATEOAS, IoC runtimes, asynchronous state machines, and an API traversal DSL, and designed and implemented disclosure control framework prototype for the Department of Homeland Security.

Next, Luke worked as a software engineer at Acrospire Financial Technologies, where he developed a financial analysis application suite allowing users to evaluate complex algorithmic trading models and analyze the effectiveness of trading strategies across the history of the market and designed and developed operations application for detecting inaccuracies in market data.