Rebecca Gervais

Product Advisor
Portsmouth, NH
Rebecca Gervais

As a product manager at Very, Rebecca enjoys pulling teams together and driving them toward successful, measurable results. She’s inspired by the creative process — perhaps because it’s in her genes: her grandfather was a commercial artist in the 1950s, working with the Mad Men of Fifth Avenue. Throughout college she worked full-time at a small design firm in Rural Vermont, where she learned the art of old-fashioned newspaper layout — cutting spot color by hand and attaching articles with hot wax.

For the past 20 years, she’s worn many hats: art director, adjunct professor, project manager, director of PMs. She’s worked on projects for large and small brands along the way, and in every project — from tiny websites to to mobile applications to large custom content and digital asset management solutions — she fills in the gaps, raises flags, and most importantly, helps create solutions for businesses. Working remotely for Very has been her favorite spot on her career path thus far: she’s never experienced one company with so many empathetic, smart, make-the-world-a-better-place kind of folks.