Tyler is a well-respected expert on IoT technology, regularly speaking at regional and national events about practical uses for IoT technology. He also regularly blogs about technology, cutting through the noise in an increasingly crowded space to bring research-backed insights.

During Tyler’s early career, he co-founded two successful startups. His first endeavor — online education software company Knetwit — secured more than $5 million in seed capital, was acquired by eCampus.

In 2011, Tyler co-founded Very after becoming frustrated with the status quo of product development. Very’s goal is simple: to deliver working software on time, every time. Over the last decade, he’s taken many entrepreneurial lessons to heart. And he’s found that while it’s easier than ever to launch a company, it's harder than ever to focus time, energy, and resources in the most effective way possible.

Tyler holds a BS in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations from Babson College.